Top Five tips to make your home cozy

Top Five tips to make your home cozy

Our homes are the places where we spend most of our time. For many of us, they have now become far beyond a place that houses the family; they’ve become an office space, classrooms for our children, and backyards a new holiday destination. If you want to find out how to relax the mind after so much going on in your space, the key lies in making our homes cozy and comfortable. In this blog, discover five cozy home decor ideas you can use to keep your spirits high, minds relaxed and senses calm.  Transform your home into a sanctuary that protects and embraces you and your family. 

1. Candles

As the sun goes down, wrap yourself in warm and dim lighting to create a calming atmosphere that encourages you to wind down, switch off your phone and take some time for some good self-care practices. Whether it’s talking to your family about your day, turning the pages of a good book or drinking a warm cup of tea, there’s no question that candles will help make a great start to a great emotional pick-me-up you’ll feel almost instantly. 

Table tops and side tables are great spots for candles, but oil burners enhance the mood in any space like no other. Simply place a tea candle at the bottom, fill the top compartment with water and add a few drops of your essential oils. Check out our oil burner collection here! To know which essential oils work best for setting a relaxing, calming mood, take a look at the point below. 

2. Warm, Relaxing and Grounding Essential Oils

Speaking of candles, placing a few drops of warm-note essential oils in an oil burner or diffuser will help envelop your senses with a loving, serene and calming energy. Especially when the weather outside is a little chilly, essential oils like Ylang-Ylang, Cedarwood, and Bergamot, are a great selection for stress-free and cozy moments at any point throughout your day. They are also a perfect fit for the evening when the house pulses with warmth and good vibes after having a day full of energy. You can find these three packed together in our Love Affairs Essential Oil Pack.

oleu life essential oils arpmatherapy


You can also include these essential oils in your DIY natural cleaning products for an extra boot of aromas and anti-bacterial benefits.

3. Warm Drinks

During hot Australian summers, this might be a different story. But in the chilly spring days, treating yourself with warm drinks is a fantastic way to keep your mind relaxed, and the self-feeling good and cosy from the inside out. As we see it with essential oils, nature offers incredible things we are lucky we can consume, which have amazing benefits to our well being. These are a few warm drinks you can treat your mind and body with throughout the day until the evening:

Frido mexican cacao

4. Plants, plants, plants!

Staying connected with nature is key for achieving greater self-awareness, staying grounded and feeling a stronger sense of inner peace and calm. Having a piece of nature inside your home with plants is a great way to surround yourself with good company and gentle energy for brighter days. We even recommend taking it a step further by taking up gardening as a new way of grounding, meditative practice too!

5. Art and textiles

We couldn’t forget to mention the importance of having things around your home that are a pleasure and joy to look at. Australia is lucky to have incredibly talented local artists who create all kinds of works that could fit perfectly inside your home. With so much on your mind, having a beautiful piece of art in sight is a wonderful way to give your mind a break from time to time. Visit your local markets to find beautiful Crystals or explore the creations of artists in your area to not only decorate your home with good energy, but to have a piece that also represents community.

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