Beginner's guide to essential oils pdf ebook

This guide will give you a quick introduction to essential oils, by showing how to use them in a wide range of ways. From supporting your emotional wellbeing to being used in natural household products, You’ll discover how to harness the benefits of aromatherapy to enhance your wellness journey.

Inside, you will find the entire collection of OLEU LIFE Pure essential oils organised by aromatic groups: Citrus, Herbaceous, Floral, Mint, Spice and Woods. We have outlined three simple ways in which you can easily integrate on your daily routine - depending on your needs, mood, and preferences.

Essential oils are incredibly versatile and capable of helping with their natural benefits. From being used inside a diffuser for a rich yet gentle aromatic experience, to blended inside skincare, they offer abundant natural remedies and nourishment. Besides our three suggestions of how to use essential oils in this book, don’t be afraid to experiment, discover and learn new uses to fit your lifestyle and taste.

beginners guide to essential oils oleu life


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