Sensual Massage With Essential Oils

Sensual Massage With Essential Oils


As the bedroom door closes behind you at night, many of us would agree that sleeping isn’t what we’re looking forward to doing most. Some tossing and turning between the sheets with your significant other sounds like a much better idea.

Although sex isn’t everything in life, it's without a doubt a very important aspect of it. Keeping the excitement, romance, and playfulness alive in your relationship is a great way to bond and express your affection to each other. Building intimacy with your partner has many other emotional benefits that can help strengthen your relationship - helping it become healthier and more comfortable. 

To make things a little more interesting in the bedroom, giving each other a sensual massage is a great way to do it, and take your night to a whole new level.


How do essential oils for sex work?

The aphrodisiac properties some essential oils may have can help boost and increase your sex mood - providing you with a much more enhanced and positive sexual experience. Like the topic of our article implies, they can either be used on the skin (when mixed with a carrier oil) to create your own body sensual massage oil or in a diffuser.

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There are, indeed, many ways to make special blends of essential oils for a sensual moment. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but there are a great variety of aphrodisiac essential oils that can help create a warm, seductive, and loving atmosphere to wrap up your day. Base on this study, essential oils may have the ability to positively affect your nervous system, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and stress levels.  

Here are the best aphrodisiac essential oils you can blend together to create your own sensual massage oil.


Patchouli has a reputation for being an incredible aphrodisiac essential oil. For centuries, this oil has been quite popular in India for intimate, tantric sexual practices, and even during the 60’s flower power movement. Its freeing and intensifying qualities will work very well blended for a sensual massage with essential oils.


Sandalwood is a great aphrodisiac essential oil, especially for women. Studies have found that inhaling sandalwood prior or during sex, women tended to have higher sensations of desire.

Sensual Massage With Essential Oils Oleu Life


Lavender is definitely a must to include when doing a sensual massage with essential oils. Since it encourages relaxation, it can only add great benefits to the overall experience; especially for when it’s over. Nothing better than bonding with a lingering scent of lavender! 

Ylang Ylang 

Associated with feelings of euphoria, Ylang Ylang makes a perfect essential oil for a sensual massage. It also helps to improve your self-esteem. And with more confidence and trust in yourself, the sexual experience is bound to be improved almost instantly.

Cape Rose Geranium

Mixing in Rose Cape Geranium is a great essential oil to blend inside a carrier oil. Its rich, floral fragrance fills the room with an uplifting, romantic aroma able to set the stage perfectly. 

Peru Balsam

With hints of vanilla and cinnamon, Peru Balsam resin is great option to create a warm, inviting environment. While it encourages a relaxed state of mind, it also triggers emotions of joy and ecstasy - everything you need for times of romance and love. Try it out on a natural perfume, like the She is...You oil perfume roll-on for inner confidence.

We recommend that you blend up to 10 drops of essential oils into a 30ml bottle of almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil; depending on what your preferred aroma is. Play to recognise and use different essential oils aromas, choose those that tinker your feelings, at the time, and enjoy the experience. 

Sensual Massage With Essential Oils Oleu LifeTry our massage oils and body oils range, for you to use for those moments of closeness and togetherness:

Treat Yourself Massage Oil

Our Treat Yourself Massage Oil contains Patchouli, our trusted essential oil aphrodisiac, as well as Sweet Orange to encourage feelings of relaxation. 

Natural Feeling Body Oil

The Natural Feeling Body Oil is packed with moisturising and nourishing carrier oils like hemp seed oil and coconut oil, which work perfectly to leave you soft to the touch. It also includes Ylang Ylang to boost your confidence, which helps enhance connectivity and integration. 

Feel empowered and free to get more excitement and emotions out of these special moments of complicity with your partner.

They are incredible opportunities to express our love and admiration for the other and serve to stir our relationships into a more passionate and healthier direction. How do you create a sensual atmosphere? We’d love to know!

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