5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Who doesn’t dream of growing long, thick hair? Many of us do. But waiting for our hair to grow can take a dreadfully long time. To cut the wait by months - or even years - we might turn to the wide range of hair-growth products available out there. However, many of these hair-growth masks, treatments and shampoos often contain harsh chemicals that do more damage than good, making our visions of strong and healthy hair only exist in our dreams. 

Lucky for us, there are natural solutions we can rely on. Using essential oils for hair growth and thickness is a chemical-free and toxin-free method that not only gets the job done, but provides you with a lush aromatic experience to shift your mood, delight your senses and enhance your wellbeing. 

Here are the top five best essential oils for hair growth and thickness, as well as easy DIY mixes and recipes or your own hair masks and hair oils.


Rosemary is one of the best (if not the best) essential oils for hair growth. By stimulating the blood flow and cell division in your scalp, it encourages the necessary nutrients and oxygen required for hair to grow at a faster pace. Rosemary also works great for itchy scalps and to get rid of dandruff.

To make your own Rosemary oil blend for hair growth, simply mix five drops of Rosemary essential oil with jojoba oil (the center of your palm should be enough oil) and massage into your scalp. Rinsing it off is up to you, but make sure that it sits on your scalp for at least 15 minutes before you do. Make sure to only use it on adults or children over 12 years old.


Cedarwood is one of those essential oils that promote hair growth by maintaining your scalp healthy. Its properties include being anti-bacterial and reducing dryness and flakiness by encouraging blood flow, meaning that hair will have a clean, healthy surface to grow on. Cedarwood is also used often to avoid hair loss. 

Dilute up to five drops of Cedarwood in a palm-sized amount of jojoba oil, apply on the scalp and rinse after 30 minutes to avoid irritation. 

5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth Oleu Life


Besides blessing your hair and senses with a divine citrus aroma, Bergamot is also one of the best essential oils for hair growth. Similar to Cedarwood, its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties help clean out the nasty chemical residue from other hair products and pollution; making your scalp healthy and the perfect environment for hair speed up as it grows. 

Apply not more than 10 drops per 100ml of shampoo, or mix just 5 drops with a tablespoon of jojoba oil for a 30 minute scalp treatment and rinse. Bergamot is a photosensitive oil, so make sure you rinse it well and do not use it if you are heading to the beach.



Ylang-Ylang should definitely be one of the go-to essential oils for growth and thickness. This oil manages to balance the oil in the scalp making it possible for follicles to strengthen and provide the perfect conditions for hair to grow. It’s also known for its conditioning properties; keeping the hair moisturised and healthier.

We recommend blending five drops of Ylang-Ylang inside your conditioner. It’s an easy way to benefit from both hair growth and conditioning properties. 


Peppermint is a very popular essential oil for hair growth and thickness. It’s well-known for its amazing ability to stimulate hair follicles by promoting blood circulation. Strong hair is defined by a high number of hair follicles and deepened growth - things that Peppermint essential oil can help accomplish, without a doubt.

When using Peppermint oil, make sure you dilute up to 5 drops well inside a carrier oil like jojoba oil, camellia oil or coconut oil to avoid irritation. Avoid close contact with the eyes, around the neck, and in areas where the skin is thinner. You might feel a cooling sensation when using this essential oil, it’s amazing when you have a headache and you can massage the blend in your scalp and rinse off to alleviate the headache by stimulating the blood flow.



5 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth - Oleu Life

With the help of these five potent essential oils, your scalp is bound to be the perfect place to grow long, thick and luscious hair. Remember faster hair growth starts from a healthy scalp, so try out some of these most effective hair growth treatments with essential oils and see what works best for you. Just always make sure you make sure to use them appropriately and safely by blending essential oils with carrier oils to avoid irritated skin.

In the meantime, we wish your journey to long hair runs short and sweet. 

If you’re interested in more ways to use essential oils for hair, give our blogs Benefits of Essential Oils for Hair  and Natural Dry Shampoo DIY a whirl! 

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