Hospital Bag Checklist: Australia Edition

Hospital Bag Checklist: Australia Edition

As the big day comes closer and closer, it’s probably a good idea to start packing and planning ahead for your hospital bag. This bag, believe us, is going to act as a trustworthy best friend that has everything you need, right when you need it the most. Without further ado, here is our hospital bag checklist including some products of our favourite Australian brands. 

For Mum


Big loose T-shirt or sarong

Thongs or slides

  • For jumping in and out of the toilet and shower, or when going for walks around the hospital halls, you might want to get some easy sliders or thongs. Indosoles offers great, waterproof sliders and thongs made from recycled tires that we strongly recommend.  

Nursing bras

  • The Boody Shaper Crop Bra is seamless and gentle, supportive and enhancing of your natural shape. For postpartum, these kinds of bras are a complete must in your hospital bag checklist.

Comfortable, large, dark colored undies

  • Whether they are under the belly or high rise undies, having something to hold your stomach and leakages (they will happen!) will make your postpartum experience a lot easier and comfortable. Le Buns is an incredible organic and sustainable brand with many options for maternity underwear. Their high rise briefs or V-Cut briefs are our favourites!


Positive Birthing and Relaxing Supplies

Organic energy boosting snacks

  • Peanut butter is an incredible (and vegan!) source of energy and protein - something you will surely need at some point when preparing for labour. The peanut butter bars from Koja are delicious, contain little sugar, and are made with natural ingredients. Only good things!

Speakers for soft, meditative music

  • Help your mind and emotions through the process with soft, meditative music by creating a calming and war

Maternity pads

  • The TOM Organic Maternity pads are highly breathable and absorbent, made from 100% organic cotton. For those first few days after giving birth, these will help you get back on track by giving you the utmost comfort and care. 

Positive birthing affirmations

  • Going into labour and giving birth are definitely one of the most life-changing moments you will have in your entire life. Although there is no doubt that bringing life is a beautiful and empowering thing women can do, it is also something that can come with a lot of fear and stress. Positive birthing affirmations cards like the ones by Best Birth Co. can help you build a trusting connection with your body, calm and ground your senses, and load your aura with positive energy for this special moment.

Aromatherapy (Diffuser and essential oils)

  • Create a soft, calming environment for yourself and your support system who’s there with you with the help of aromatherapy. Our blog here shares the best essential oils for pregnancy and to use during labour - take a look to see make your own diffuser blends for this special moment!


Fragrance-free toiletries

  • When your baby is born, it’s important to stay away from heavily scented toiletries because it’s our own natural smell that comforts our baby. Australian Biologika has a great line of fragrance-free toiletries including shampoo, conditioner and body wash - everything you need for that pampering shower you deserve after labour. 

Belly oil

  • Belly oil will be very handy postpartum, just like it did during pregnancy. The Oleu Life Belly Oil is rich in fatty acids and nourishing natural ingredients that help restore your skin, and leave it feeling smooth.

Eye mask

  • You’ll need a lot of time to rest! Yogitown’s eye pillow is filled with lavender buds and seeds - helping you melt into good rest and block out harsh hospital lighting. 

For baby

Baby singlets and onesies (x5)

  • There are way too many ethical and sustainable Australian baby clothes brands that we love, but here are a couple of our favourites:

Newborn nappies

  • Do we really need to mention how badly you’ll need these? There are so many options to go for when it comes to these as well, but we recommend sticking to either organic cotton reusable nappies, or biodegradable organic cotton disposable ones.  Here are some of our favourite brands:


The Organic Cotton and Bamboo blankets by Kiin are not only beautiful, but soft, lightweight and perfect to use on every occasion year-round. 

Now that you’re all packed, we have nothing else to say that we wish you the best in the beginning of the most incredible life-long adventure. We’d love to know if we missed anything, or if there are any other Australian brands we should discover! Let us know in the comments below.

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