3 Reasons To Use Natural Ingredients

3 Reasons To Use Natural Ingredients

You’ve probably heard us mention that the benefits of using natural products (food or skincare) far exceed what you may realise. 

In this article, we’ve narrowed it down to 3 good reasons why you should use natural ingredients in your daily skincare routine. 

1. The toxicity factor

With the absence of harsh chemicals, skincare products with natural ingredients are more unlikely to generate toxic reactions in the body. 

Mild side effects such as skin irritations, migraines and sinus issues are all too common with inexpensive, chemical laden alternatives.  Naturally sourced essential oils are derived directly from the natural environment, by means of a sophisticated distillation process, which helps us to keep your skin healthy and with no harsh chemicals. 😊


2. Kinder to the environment

Despite a product being labelled ‘natural’, unfortunately, this doesn’t always mean it’s been produced in an ethical or environmentally safe way.

If you are an environmentally and ethically conscious consumer, then it’s important that you scratch the surface, just a little, for evidence of sustainable and ethical methods of production. 

We’re happy to make this easy for you and declare everything we put in our products honestly and transparently. 

The impact on the environment of ethical and sustainable production is immense.  As a result of our steadfast commitment to these values, the quality of our air, water, environmental waste management and wellbeing of our consumers is second to none. 

And the planet surely needs more of this commitment.  At OLEU LIFE, this is more than a commitment, it’s our core philosophy.  

3. Safer to use 

We’re not going to make the claim that natural ingredients are simply better than synthetic ones.  After all, there are some natural ingredients that are simply not safe to use on their own, and conversely, there are synthetic ingredients that are in actually quite healthy to use on our bodies.

However, it’s important to note that anything you use topically gets absorbed into your bloodstream and vital organs and it is beyond doubt that natural ingredients are safer to use than products with nasty chemicals competing for attention in your blood and lymphatic systems. 


Before you go on, here’s a little disclaimer.

We are not claiming that all natural products are safe and beneficial to your health and wellbeing, or that they are 100% natural, or that they are generally better than synthetic materials. There is an ongoing important debate about the terms used to label clean products - it’s true that today, companies are free to define terms like ‘natural’, ‘green’ and ‘safe’. At OLEU LIFE, we refer to natural products as being free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and other nasty chemicals. 

We want to be transparent about the ingredients in our products. In some of our products, it is necessary to use natural or synthetic preservatives for safety and preventative purposes. For example, in some of our water-based formulated products, we use synthetic preservatives to prevent the production of bacteria and mould. Another reason why the use of synthetic preservatives is necessary is due to their ability to stabilize the product according to packaging and temperature conditions. To conclude, it is for these reasons that synthetic preservatives are used - they allow a the creation and usability a natural product without compromising on its quality, safety or health benefits.  

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