Essential Oils For Colds: The Way To Natural Flu Prevention

Essential Oils For Colds: The Way To Natural Flu Prevention

The flu season has started knocking on our doors in Australia. Especially in times where it’s become so easy for diseases to spread, it’s very important to think and be active about ways to strengthen our bodies to protect ourselves from catching a cold and getting sick. Today, flu prevention goes beyond protecting the body with medicines, or appropriate clothing. We also need to pay special attention to our personal hygiene, cleanliness at home, and daily habits that may put our health at risk. 

To help us get through these stressful times, essential oils are packed with heaps of natural benefits to help build up our immune system and keeps us away from catching nasty bacteria and viruses. The aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils not only involve psychological and emotional well-being, but they’re an excellent way to naturally improve and look after our physical health.

That being said, here are the best pure essential oils for colds and flu. All of them can be used in a diffuser, topicals (when diluted) or to create your own DIY forms of natural preventions against the flu.

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Eucalyptus definitely ranks first for the best essential oils for the flu. Because of its incredible expectorant properties and ability to fight against viruses, it’s a great companion to carry around during the flu season. Eucalyptus essential oil is also known for its strong aroma which helps clear your airways and improve your breathing - which is perfect when you’re starting to feel a stuffy nose. Its anti-inflammatory benefits can help alleviate sore throats. One great way you can use eucalyptus to relieve coughs is by making your own homemade chest rub. Whip up some coconut oil and shea butter together, and blend in 20 drops of eucalyptus, 20 of peppermint, 10 of lavender and 20 of lemon. It only takes about 15 minutes to make, and it’s a natural way to keep feeling refreshed and your flu symptoms down.

Although you can certainly use it to relieve your cold symptoms when they’re already present, the best way to use eucalyptus essential oil for colds is to start using it as a prevention method. We recommend placing a few drops into your diffuser, in the bathtub blended with a carrier oil, or in your own DIY bath bomb. In fact, taking a hot bath is a great way to decongest your pores and respiratory system; making you feel a lot lighter, refreshed and stronger. 


Clove is also one of the strongest essential oils for colds you should have in your collection. For many years and generations, clove has been used for its antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. In fact, all of its most noteworthy benefits actually surround the topic of relieving symptoms of sickness and boosting the immune system to prevent infections and viruses. 
You can use clove either topically (blended thoroughly in a balm or carrier oil), or through a diffuser in your home. But something we like to use clove essential oil for is to prevent the creation of mold inside your house. Mold can sometimes be invisible since it can hide, but it actually has a huge detrimental impact on our respiratory system. We recommend making your own DIY wall spray cleaner with clove and use it to prevent the growth of nasty fungi inside your home. 


Even though we all know that catching a whiff of grapefruit instantly uplifts your mood, grapefruit essential oil also happens to be ideal for the cold and flu season. One of the main benefits of this delicious oil is being antibacterial. By creating your own DIY surface cleaner, you can protect your house from any bacteria that is brought from the outside, while stimulating your immune system - another of its convenient characteristics. Simply mix some grapefruit essential oil with water, castile soap, and sodium borate into a spray bottle, and there you have it. 

Although in times of high risk of contagious viruses we are advised against travelling or being outdoors for too long, sometimes it’s simply too complicated.  Having a small dose of essential oils with you while you go about your day can be very helpful for uplifting moments. The Active Traveller Pack is perfect for these occasions. With three micro-rolls on single notes of frankincense, grapefruit, and eucalyptus essential oils, you can get energising boosts or help to calm the senses whenever you feel like you need it the most.

Essential Oils For Colds: The Way To Natural Flu Prevention


Lavender essential oil for colds is a classic. Some say that its ability to create relaxing and calming spaces almost seems like it’s magic - an opinion we find easy to agree with. But its benefits don’t stop there. Although it’s ability to combat bacteria and viruses are not the same as other essential oils, using lavender during the flu season will be beneficial in terms of your recovery. Best used in combination with pretty much any other essential oil, lavender can help in alleviating headaches, and improve your sleep if you’ve been finding it difficult to rest with blocked airways. It also helps to boost your immune system, and encourage it to fight against sickness. The Bedtime Body Mist is great to have on your bedside table and give a few spritzes around face, body, and pillow before you head to sleep. It includes other helpful essential oils for colds such as German Blue Chamomile to assist you in having a good night’s rest and regain your strength. 

Lemon Myrtle

It makes perfect sense to include lemon myrtle in the list of best essential oils for the flu. Being a mighty antiviral, germicidal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antifungal oil, it seems like lemon myrtle is a great all-rounder oil that has everything you need to help you regain your energy and health. Better yet, we like to think that since it comes from an Australian native plant, it knows how to handle Australian flu season - you’re definitely in good hands. Another great benefit of lemon myrtle is its mood-enhancing properties! 

Blood Orange

Citrus essential oils for colds are generally some of the best natural ways to help. But why not take a warmer and cozier twist? Blood Orange essential oil is what we like to describe as a hybrid containing the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of citrus, and the relaxing and calming benefits of a tepid aroma. It’s best used in a diffuser in combination with other more assertive oils like clove and ginger to enjoy the full effect of a stimulated immunity system by creating spaces of vitality free from infections and viruses in the home. Our Immunity Force Essential Oil Pack can help you transform your home into a place for healing, and recovery. Check out our blog Natural Ways to Boost Immunity for more information to find out more in-depth about strengthening your body during these months 

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Reminder! How to Use Essential Oils

There are plenty of different ways to use essential oils to ensure optimize their effectiveness and potency. Here is a short reminder of tips and ideas of how you can implement essential oils when protecting yourself against colds:


Using a diffuser for essential oils is a classic way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Especially during the flu season, diffusers are ideal to spread antiviral aromas around the room to keep bacteria to a minimum. On a further note, the delicate levels of humidity that are produced are great to relieve dryness in the throat and in the nose.


Applying essential oils topically on top of pressure points can help them reach your blood system a lot quicker. Some key pressure points are the temples, behind the ears, the stomach, the sole, and the inner wrist. However, it is very important to mix in a carrier oil when using essential oils topically. Jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, and almond oils are all great options. Using essential oils on their own can risk irritating the skin. In the case of strong aromas like Tea Tree or Eucalyptus, it can sometimes cause minor burns.

DIY Projects

One of the best things about essential oils is that you can implement them in any creation dedicated to well-being. For flu season, making your own hand sanitizer, chest and food rub, bath bomb, body oil, or bedroom mist can be possible by just following simple recipes. 

Essential Oils For Colds: The Way To Natural Flu Prevention

Let us know how you use essential oils for colds in the flu season in the comments below! We’d love to hear about your experiences and other suggestions for us to add to the list. 

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