Dealing With Uncertainty: How To Stay Calm

Dealing With Uncertainty: How To Stay Calm

The world is currently experiencing one of the largest waves of uncertainty. Many of us have been overwhelmed with anxiety, and are worried about what the future holds for us. We’ve adjusted our daily routines according to social distancing guidelines, and they have become our way of manifesting cooperation to help the situation. But we wish we could do more. 

Staying as calm and positive as possible during this period is very important. Not only does it help our own maintenance of good mental health, but it is a form of transferring a comforting and supportive feeling onto the people around you. Positive energy can spread very easily and is a lot more powerful than we think. It can uplift entire communities, and generate a growing, collective sense of hope and collaboration. In order to achieve this, dealing with uncertainty in a constructive and fruitful way is one of the most valuable contributions we can make for our own wellbeing, and for everyone else that’s facing these difficult times. 

To help you deal with uncertainty these days, we’ve gathered a few self-care ideas and anxiety management techniques you can do:

Start Planning

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One of the biggest challenges when dealing with uncertainty is trying to clearly envision how things will look like in the future. Thinking about all the directions in which things can go is daunting - and causes many of us to paralyze. That being said, one of the greatest uncertainty anxiety management tips you can do in this situation is to make a plan. 

Try to make a plan for your next moves using the information you have at the moment, and by imagining the different scenarios of the future. The point is not to make you even more stressed and concerned about everything there is to do once everything this period of uncertainty is over. The goal is actually to give you the reassurance that no matter what happens, there is always a solution. Try not to go overboard with your planning - the idea is to clarify your fears and concerns and act upon them by finding resolutions.

Keep An Eye On Your Emotional Health

Similarly to the point made above, dealing with uncertain situations can make us feel like we’re on an emotional rollercoaster. We’re constantly looking to hear new updates, vulnerable and exposed to restless posts, opinions, and articles on the media. This can be very emotional, distressing and draining. That's why, keeping our emotional health in check is crucial, and necessary. 

There are several ways to identify and process your emotions - meditating, talking to a friend, or journaling are some among many. Doing this can help you figure out what you can do at that moment to make you feel better, and improve your day as quickly as possible. For example, if you realize you’re feeling a little lonely, you can opt for something as simple a phone call, or take the time to treasure and recall the trips, celebrations, and events where you were surrounded by your most loved ones. Exercising gratitude is something that is also incredibly grateful when it comes to improving your emotional state of mind - it encourages you to look back and appreciate everything that brings you joy, and makes you healthy.

To know about the importance of emotional health more deeply, make sure to read our blog here. 

Focus On What You Have, And On What Matters

Sometimes, when facing times like these we tend to forget about the things and people that provide us with happiness and comfort - mostly because we spend most of our time worrying about them, rather than being grateful for them. 

It makes sense that we feel concerned about the things we love the most. But during times where there is only so much we can do to deal with uncertainty, expressing gratitude and practicing mindfulness for everything that is going right, and the good things that still remain in our lives as a great anxiety management tip. 

It is incredibly helpful when it comes to improving your emotional state of mind - by looking back and appreciating everything that brings you joy and makes you healthy, you are able to create a healthy environment of peacefulness and calmness not only within yourself but for others living in your home. 

Tip: Every day, take five minutes to think about three things you are grateful for during this uncertain time, and write them down in a notebook. After some time, you’ll be able to look back and be reminded of a whole list of things filled with positivity to brighten your day. 

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Spread Kindness

Dealing with uncertainty by doing acts of kindness is an incredible way to reduce anxiety. Whether it is offering to help get an older neighbor their groceries, or baking pastries for the people in your block, kindness has an amazing way of creating a sense of connectedness and support within your community. At the same time, the feeling of being able to provide others with a slice of joy and care can truly make a difference in your mood - helping you feel good and like a valuable and helpful member of a social network. 

Find Daily Self-Care Rituals

Routine is a great way to keep us grounded, and increase the feeling of stability during uneasy times like these. Just like we tend to upkeep our hair, body, and skin, taking care of our mind with self-care rituals are incredible ways of dealing with uncertainty. 

Here are a few self-care ideas you can incorporate into your daily routine

  • Enjoy the outdoors: Vitamin D is extremely important to help uplift your spirit when you’re feeling down, so we recommend taking a few minutes for yourself in the sun. We suggest that you stay away from electronics while you do this - take time to rest from reading headlines, or getting distracted by unfulfilling content. Practice mindful activities like reading a book, indulging in a delicious meal or tea or do some gardening
  • Mindful Breathing: Breathing is something we take for granted. However, mindful breathing is an amazing self-care and anxiety management tip to stay calm, and present in the moment. Rather than worrying about what’s coming, mindful breathing can help bring you to the now, and remind you that at this very moment, you are safe and strong enough to tackle whatever challenge comes your way.
  • Declutter Your Home: Your home is like your sanctuary. It is one of the few places in the world where you should feel completely at peace, and comfortable. To make sure your home remains somewhere you like to spend time in, take 15 to 30 minutes of your day to pick an area of your house to straighten up and cleanout. Our home is a reflection of our state of mind; so maintaining our spaces tidy and warm helps keep our minds organized, and wellbeing at ease.
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We hope that you are all keeping safe, and only wish you positivity, good energy, and wellbeing. We’ll get through this together! Let us know in the comments how you’ve been feeling these past few weeks, and about any other tips you use yourself.

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