Bedroom Blend

Bedroom Blend
Bedroom Blend
Bedroom Blend
Bedroom Blend
Bedroom Blend
Bedroom Blend
A blend of premium Australian native oils to create a soothing and warming experience in the bedroom. Relax, share and let go in intimacy. Deep and flowery aroma notes to spoil the senses.
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Relax, sleep and let go in intimacy with the soothing and warm aromas of this Bedroom essential oil diffuser blend.

A premium combination of pure Australian Native Essential oils to create an environment of serenity. Enjoy the sensual and deep aromas by yourself or as a couple to create an experience. Spoil the senses with these deep and flowery notes and a punchy sweet citrus twist. 

End your day relaxed and in good company at home. 

Here are some of our favourite ways to use this blend in your bathroom.


- To create an environment of intimacy in your bedroom, add 3 drops of our Bedroom essential oil blend to an oil diffuser 

- To help improve sleep, use with an essential oil diffuser at least 2 hours before bedtime and use a timer to leave on for 1 hour after bedtime

- Refresh your linen by adding 1 drop of oil to your pillow

Aroma notes:

 Sweet floral, slightly woody with a citrus-herbaceous punch


100% Pure essential oils of: Lavender (Tasmania), Honey Myrtle (Western Australia) & Sandalwood (Western Australia).

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