Why do we use mists at Oleo?

Aromatic plants have been the basis for herbal and botanical medicines for many years. They are even considered to be the root of today’s pharmaceuticals.

The application method depends on the condition to be treated, as well as the desired effect and essential oil selected. For mood shifting, inhalation and topical application will provide the fastest and most effective action to create a positive change in one's wellbeing.

An aroma mist is basically a blend of one or several pure essential oils in purified water, floral water and other natural components that will assists in the achievement of the desired quality of energy in the body.

When using the range of Oleo Life Daily Essential mists you will allow the body to absorb the essential oil therapeutic benefits through the skin, as well as inhalation of the volatised oil.

Through the nose inhalation, airborne molecules interact with the olfactory organs and, almost immediately, the brain. In addition to inhalation, there is a transdermal absorption process that also occurs when the mist enters in contact with the skin. Allowing the minute oil molecules to pass through the outer layer of the epidermis (Stratum Corneum) into the capillaries and, from there, into the bloodstream. So, go ahead and take a positive mist breath!

At Oleo Life, we follow the principles of perfumery in each one of our Oleo Life Daily Essentials mists range, to achieve the right blending of fragrance notes within the essential oils we use. 

When different essential oils are blended, and at a fragrance level the aromas are considered, there is a certain kind of synergy that occurs in addition to the therapeutic properties of the oils - Taking the Gestalt theory into consideration, where “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – This is the key to achieving a “balanced” blend. These blends help the body awake its own healing powers in an indirect and gentle form.

We have created a practical mist format that is an easy addition to your daily essentials routine. You can take it with you to use throughout the day, just throw it in your bag and spray way whenever needed. The good thing about the mists is that you can use it freely as it only contains natural ingredients that will not harm you or your loved ones.

Before misting away, always make sure you shake the bottle to evenly distribute the oils. Then, proceed to spray circularly around your head in order to gain the therapeutic benefits of shifting your state of mind.

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