What are essential oils?

Imagine a completely natural medicine that can gently help you shift your state of mind and help you obtain therapeutic healing. A plant-based medicine that doesn’t need any prescriptions nor will have harmful side effects in your body. Contributing to the overall vitality and wellness.

Pure Essential Oils are completely natural oils derived from plants that have very powerful remedial properties. The use of these oils helps create a desired frame of mind or physical effect through its use. The optimum way these oils can penetrate cells, and disperse its therapeutic qualities throughout the body, is through a combination of inhalation and dermal absorption. Ingesting the oils is another form of usage. Although, this option is not recommended.

The scent of the essential oil is extracted from various parts of the plant – coming from the flowers, seeds, bark, leaves or roots – with strong therapeutic properties that have been used to heal since ancient times. There is evidence of the high use of essential oils and other plant byproducts in the ancient world, from Egypt, to Rome, to Israel, to Persia.

Today, the use of essential oils is by far more extensive than before. It’s trusted as an effective natural medicine for the modern life, backed up by current scientific reviews. In France, Germany, and England, it is common practice for doctors to offer their patients, for specific health conditions, the possibility to choose between prescription medicines or natural essential oils. Both are accessible through pharmacies across these nations.

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