Oleu Life Unique Botanical formulations 

Unique Natural Formulations

We create our proprietary  formulation using carefully selected,  ingredients with expert knowledge of botanical compounds. Providing a unique aromatic experience, that soothes the body and soul.    

Natural and Organic Ingredients


Natural & Organic Ingredients

We believe in having a more natural approach to life. Inspired by the nurturing knowledge of nature's botanicals, our  natural and organic ingredients have been carefully selected to provide products that are free from harsh chemicals, nasties and irritants like synthetic fragrances, colours, silicones and parabens. We offer safe and aromatically beautiful products for everyday use.


Awarded Packaging Design


Awarded Branding & Premium Packaging

Proud winners of Best Australian Aromatherapy Brand for 2020 & 2021

We take pride in the use of premium packaging like MIRON Violetglass - a unique biophotonic glass that protects all products from the harmful effects of light & increase their shelf life - allowing our natural formulations to be safe for longer. 

Read about our packaging here


Handmade in Australia


Handmade in Australia

Being handmade, our products reflect our spirits, and support not only our skills to create, but also show respect and appreciation for the local natural resources and knowledge we use to make our creations.

Our products are proudly handmade & in Australia & owned.



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