Mailer Composting Guide

At Oleu Life, we like it when things can have a second life. Hero Pack, the mailer bags we use to deliver our products to your home does just that. 

Hero Pack bags are completely zero waste, taking 90 days to break down entirely - leaving the earth unpolluted and unharmed. But in order for the composting process to happen properly, it needs a little help from you.

Without further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide for how to compost your Hero Packs at home:

  • Remove any labels or tape: Anything that includes adhesives like tape or labels should be removed since those aren’t quite compostable.

  • Cut the Hero Pack into strips: Stripping the pack helps it break down much easier and faster.

  • Place into the compost bin (with brown materials): The Hero Pack also counts as brown! It can go in the same bin as your twigs, paper, and leaves from your garden.

  • Add some “green materials”: You’ll also need to throw in some green materials like food craps, grass and even tea bags to help the process. For every 2 parts of brown materials, one part of green materials is good enough.

  • Aerate it: Compost needs to breathe fresh air every few days - don’t forget to rotate the compost so that oxygen flows in sometimes!

  • Thank you for joining us in our efforts to reduce our footprint!

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