What To Do When Feeling The Winter Blues

What To Do When Feeling The Winter Blues

When the cold temperatures, rain and wind roll around, it’s common that many of us start feeling the winter blues. The winter blues is generally experienced as feeling a wave of sadness that comes as a result of the changing seasons, having troubles sleeping, and a lack of motivation. 

But aromatherapy is here to lift your spirits, even when the weather doesn’t agree. In this blog, learn about what you can do when feeling the winter blues and how aromatherapy can help. 

1. Bedtime Rituals

Having trouble sleeping is often the starting point to many of our troubles during the day. Without a well-rested body, it can be quite difficult to get everything else in tune and in a good rhythm: our energy, our mood, and our productivity. To help improve your sleep, try getting into a bedtime routine with calming rituals to set you off for a good night. 

We recommend taking 45 minutes before bed to unwind. You may want to turn off your electronics, dim your lighting, take a relaxing bath, diffuse some essential oil for sleep, or turn to some self-care activities like journaling, meditating or reading.


2. Exercise (10x10x10 Rule)

When you’re feeling down, finding motivation to exercise, or even getting up from bed can feel like an impossible mission. But ironically, moving your body is exactly one of the best antidotes to a negative state of mind. 

Let’s make it easier for you to take the steps by breaking down your moments of activity into smaller chunks. For example, if your goal is to be active for a walk for an hour a day, how about breaking it into four 15-minute sessions throughout the day?

For example, you can do a mini-work out in the morning, go for two strolls before and after lunch and another session in the evening. 

If you need an extra boost of energy and positivity, diffuse citrus essential oils from the morning. They will help liven up the space, and fuel your motivation. 


3. Turn to your support system

If you’re feeling the winter blues, feeling lonely and isolated can make the effects worse. During these difficult times, it’s very important to turn to your support system of family and friends. 

Many of us can easily forget how loved we are by other people, to the point where we can start wrongly believing that we aren’t. But this, indeed, is just a thought fed by a spiral of other negative ones. 

A simple call to someone in your support system, going out for a coffee or a walk can truly lift your spirits in an incredibly powerful way. Having human contact with people you love has an incredible potential to diminish your winter blues so much that one day, you’ll even have forgotten they were there in the first place. 

If you are looking for extra support or for additional resources for someone you care about, take a look at organizations like R U OK?

4. Give yourself manageable tasks

Getting things done is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment and productivity. Giving yourself manageable things to do in the day will feed your need to feel competent at levels that go beyond literal - you’ll also feel it in your emotions, sense of integrity, and will help maintain your well-being as a whole. 

You can think of things like organising your wardrobe, planting your herbal garden, tidying your desk or decluttering one kitchen cabinet at a time. And remember: a decluttered house is a decluttered mind!

Treat yourself while you’re doing chores. Turn up the music, diffuse some essential oils for productivity and open the windows for some fresh air. Seeing your home decluttered and tidy can help your mind feel at ease. Read our blog here to know more about the qualities of decluttering for productivity and peace of mind.

We hope the winter blues start looking more like the colours of the rainbow as you take time to introduce more and more self-care into your daily routine.

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