The Truth about Essential Oils (Part 2) - Optimal uses and safety 

The Truth about Essential Oils (Part 2) - Optimal uses and safety 

The Truth about Essential Oils Oleu Life

This is the second part to “The Truth about Essential Oils” blog post. In the previous post, we covered the basics of essential oils. We gave an overview of what essential oils are, what their benefits are to your body and mind, how to use them, and an idea of what the most popular essential oils are used for. 

In this sequel, we’ll talk about another aspect of essential oils. This post will deepen your knowledge about essential oils by addressing a few topics: 

  • Why essential oils are not working, and the steps you need to take to get optimal results. 
  • How to use essential oils safely: The benefits of essential oil diffusers, burners, diffuser bracelets. 

Do essential oils really work?

The short answer is if they’re approached and used correctly, yes. But there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Essential oils do not replace pharmaceutical drugs. Perhaps the most important piece of thing to know about essential oils is that they are not to be thought of as an exact alternative to pharmaceutical forms of medicine. Essential oils are bottled natural remedies that can help relieve several kinds of symptoms such as pain, anxiety, stress or even improve emotional states, focus, drive and self-confidence. Essential oils are a great place to start when wanting to get rid of a certain problem with a more natural approach. Of course, in many cases, it may simply be unavoidable to have to turn to pharmaceutical medicine to tackle issues faster. But using essential oils, alongside, can work incredibly in complement their effects by helping to uplift your overall well-being and state of mind. 
  2.  A positive attitude towards essential oils. For essential oils to work efficiently and get optimal results from them, they require a few things from you. First, it is of utmost importance that you trust their power and capacity for them to work. The chances of trying out essential oils while being sceptical about them are likely to reduce their chances of working; which is the same effect that occurs with pretty much anything that is treated with doubt. However, approaching essential oils with an open mind can truly enhance their effects; helping you achieve the results you are looking for.
  3. How do essential oils work best? Time and commitment. Another thing to consider about essential oils is that their benefits cannot be experienced the same way as when we take treatments from traditional medicine. Symptom relieving pills and tablets have been designed purposely to act quickly and efficiently; but that’s not really how essential oils work. 

If you’re wondering how long essential oils take to work, the answer can vary quite a bit. On one hand, to see a real change in your mental state, emotions and overall wellness, using them daily or consistently for a significant amount of time is key to truly see their healing come to life. The more you use essential oils and implement into your regular routine, the more your body and senses will recognize and accept its benefits; enhancing and sustaining its effects on you. 

The Truth about Essential Oils Oleu Life

How to use essential oils safely?

In our last post, we showed some measures that you could take to ensure safe essential oils practice. For example, we mentioned how you shouldn’t go overboard with their use, and how doing a bit of research on their individual characteristics and properties may be quite beneficial - not only to ensure that you’re getting the benefits you’re looking for, but to avoid any undesired reactions. We also talked about how the safest ways to use essential oils were either by topical application or inhalation. 

Speaking of inhalation, we thought we should contribute to another part of the answer to “how do essential oils work”. 

Below, we mention quick and easy information about the different benefits from the devices which allow us to get optimal results from essential oils: diffusers, oil burners and diffuser bracelets. Knowing the differences between diffusers and oil burners as well as bracelets can help you choose the essential oil device that better suits your lifestyle and preferences - improving your overall experience with aromatherapy and enhancing the results. 


With the ultrasonic diffusers, the essential oils are dispersed into the air by carrying tiny micro-droplets of water, creating a vapour. From there, the water goes from being a liquid form into vapour with the use of the ultrasonic vibrations. These vibrations are emitted by the vibrating disc to make sound waves an ultrasonic frequency. 

One of the greatest benefits of diffusers is that they’re safe and easy-to-use around children. Since they don’t contain or use any fire, and there is no temperature change of the oils, it makes it safer to use by the family.

Oil Burners

In contrast to diffusers, oil burners are typically ceramic structures. A tea light candle is placed inside the ceramic cavity, while the superior part contains a bit of water along with the few drops of essential oil of your choice. Differently to the diffuser, oil burners fill the room with scents instead of carrying them around to certain areas of the space. However, they are a little more challenging if you want to leave them on their own since they do use fire. The oils go through a temperature change which is not fully beneficial for the aromatherapy properties as the oil is heated, but it will still be possible to have a beautiful aromatic experience. 

Wondering how many drops of essential oils to use inside diffusers and burners? Well, a little goes a long way. 5 drops of essential oils are more than enough; but even less of each if you decide to create a blend.

Oleu Life has a range of essential oil blend trio packs that have been delightfully crafted according to the sensations and aromatherapeutic experience that you want to achieve; make sure to pick the one that appeals to you the most!

Diffuser Bracelets

Diffuser bracelets are very practical for when you want to benefit from essential oils throughout the day. We often get the question of how do essential oils work on diffuser bracelets? It’s very simple. Simply rub 1 -2 drops of your choice of essential oils, and you’re set for the day. Diffuser bracelets are a great way to get you ready to tackle the day depending on what you need and how you are feeling at that moment. 

We hope you have learned a little more about the uses of essential oils, how they work best, how easy it is to use essential oil diffusers and burners, as well as implementing them into your daily routines. If you’re looking to add moments of self-care and wellness into your daily routines, give essential oils a go. 

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