Productivity When Working From Home

Productivity When Working From Home

Let’s face it. Working from home sounded like a dream come true at the start. But after being indoors for a long time, some of us have gotten a little too comfortable. Living our lives within the same four walls has become our temporary - yet indefinitely - new normal, which we’ve had to adapt to quite quickly. Some days it seems like time just flies right past us, and other days it seems like the world is at a pause. Some days we know exactly what we’re doing, and others make us feel unmotivated and stagnant. Undergoing a period of fast change and having to completely redesign our daily routines isn’t easy and can feel like quite the challenge...but it’s also a key contribution to move forward, together. 

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Are you struggling to work from home productively? Does it feel like your daily routine could use some efficient restructuring? Essential oils can help. 

Creating the right environment has countless benefits that could significantly improve your working from home dynamic. Here is how:

  • It helps reduce anxiety and stress for getting things done
  • It helps improve the ability to learn quickly; by assisting the reduction feelings of frustration and spark the interest to develop ourselves professionally
  • It can aid in reducing procrastination 

The aromatherapy benefits of essential oils are an incredible natural remedy for refining and improving your memory. By targeting specific points of the brain, essential oils can help sharpen your ability to focus, concentrate and retain information - the perfect mixture of benefits you’re likely to be looking for when working from home. 

Read our blog to see our top picks for the best essential oils for memory enhancement. We’ve included each essential oils’ benefits and explained in detail how they’re able to help improve your memory loss.

But this blog focuses on how to work from home effectively - using essential oils to improve your memory of course. Here are some of our favorite working from home tips you can do with essential oils!

Diffuse The Stress Away & Keep The Sharpness Close

Under any circumstance, your diffuser will always be your best friend. Essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and rosemary are incredible for stimulating the brain by increasing your ability to be attentive and sharp when handling multiple tasks at a time or solving complex problems. At the start of your day, place up to ten drops of pure essential oils  - or your choice of essential oil blends - inside your diffuser, and let it run for about two hours intermittently as you go about your day. Working from home suddenly got a lot better, didn’t it?

Mindful Breaks

Whenever you feel like your focus and concentration levels are fading away, don’t be afraid to take a small, mindful break. Take ten minutes to practice some breathing exercises to decrease your stress levels, recharge your energy, and boost your brainpower. Place no more than one drop of rosemary essential oil at the center of your palm, and rub your hands together. Make a cupping gesture over your nose and inhale deeply three times in a row. Repeat as necessary!

Stimulating the Senses

Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some self-care while you’re at it. Roll on essential oil perfumes that contain rosemary, cedarwood, peppermint, and frankincense like Mental Clarity and Focus Driver which are packed with memory-enhancing essential oils that help create a crip sense of alertness and concentration. Feel free to apply some perfume as many times as you wish throughout your day; especially when you feel like you need an extra boost!

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We’re interested in knowing about how you’re managing to work from home and about any other work from home tips you have in store. Our own co-founder, Rafael Figueroa, is a strong believer in getting things done and has created an insightful article about useful, yet understated productivity methods you can implement in your work from home routine. Check it out here.  Our community is always looking for new ways to support each other, so don’t be shy! 

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