Natural Skincare for Dry, Flaky Skin in Winter

Natural Skincare for Dry, Flaky Skin in Winter

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The weather isn't the only thing that changes once winter rolls around. For many of us, winter is a time to wave our beautiful, glowing summer skin goodbye, and dry, flakey skin hello. We know the struggle - but we also know the solution!

To fight off these colder months, we've come up with our favorite ways to maneuver around dry winter skin, and welcome hydrating goodness back into our lives. 

 But first, let's get something straight. Hydration vs moisture -  What's the difference?

Hydration vs Moisture

To be well hydrated and moisturised means that you're doing well at keeping dryness to a minimum and at promoting anti-aging agents. However, the main difference between hydrating and moisturising creams is how they make sure your cells are maintaining good levels of water.

Hydration - Hydration generally refers to the water inside the cells. Therefore, the purpose of a hydrating cream is to allocate your cells with water and strengthening their ability to absorb it. 

Moisture - Moisturisers make sure to trap and seal moisture in the skin. It reinforces the skin's protective barrier, and prevents the loss of water.

1. Hydrating Body Oil: Post-shower Regimen

Getting out of bed on a cold morning is lovely - said no one ever. To help you start the day off right, a nice warm shower is a great way to do it. Although the steam can feel great and hydrating on our skin, having too much contact with hot water can actually dry out the skin a lot more according to Harvard Health.

To lock the moisture in for longer, drench your skin in body oil right after you shower. A great option is our ‘Wake Me Up!’ body oil contains a wonderful blend of cucumber, apricot, lime, and peppermint oil. All of its ingredients are dedicated to giving your skin the ultimate boost of moisture, keeping your skin glowing and soft throughout the day.  

Don't forget to give yourself a good rub as you apply it! Massage the oil well into your body not only to make sure it penetrates the skin well but for a little extra self-love action. 

2. Overnight Hydrating Foot Mask

Our feet are probably the first areas of our body to get affected by cold temperatures. You know how it goes - cracking, rough skin that can even become quite painful. 

Doing an overnight hydrating treatment to get rid of that dryness is a great way to wake up to soft, beautiful skin. Drench your skin in a mixture of coconut oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera to enjoy most of their extremely hydrating qualities, and grab a pair of socks you don't mind getting oily. In the morning, your feet will have left dry, flakey skin in the past.

Our ‘Natural Feeling’ Body Oil contains the wonderful moisturising qualities of coconut oil and hemp seed oil; topped off with Ylang Ylang  to can help preserve a youthful glow and prevent signs of aging. 


3. Deeply Hydrating and Moisturising Lip Balm

Everyone is familiar with the pain of chapped lips during winter. Sometimes it can get so bad that eating and talking can become quite difficult things to accomplish! One of the best natural skincare products to keep your lips hydrated is a combination of shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil. 

Mix these ingredients into a small container, and treat them as your overnight lip mask. When you wake up, your lips will have recovered from the tough weather, and be strengthened and prepared to tackle another day in the cold.


Let us know what you do to keep winter dry, flakey skin away in the comments! We're always looking for new ideas for natural skincare remedies and tips. 


Oleu Life Essential Oils for balance and wellbeing

With these three tips, you should be well on your way to maintaining bright, youthful and glowing skin throughout Autumn and even in the harsher conditions of winter.

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Until next blog, take care.

By Andelain Newman

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