Natural Skincare During Pregnancy

Natural Skincare During Pregnancy

From little bean to new-born, pregnancy is a beautiful, unique journey to everyone. At the same time, it’s no secret that along with babies, pregnancy can bring a whole lot of skin issues - from stretch marks, itchiness, and dryness. It’s all part of the adventure.

The good news is, while these problems may be on the difficult side of pregnancy, dealing with them is quite easy. In this blog, discover how you can let your inner glow shine through your skin using natural skin care during pregnancy!


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Stretch Marks

A good way to prevent stretch marks is by blessing your skin with as much moisture and elasticity-generating ingredients. As the skin will do its best to stretch along with your baby bump, it needs as much ability to be flexible and stretch for as long as is needed. You’ll start seeing them come though as reddish or darkened lines across or under your belly. 

As part of your routine of natural skin care during pregnancy, turning to body oils and heavy balms with nutrient-rich ingredients such as Shea butter, Marula oil, Rosehip oil, Coconut Oil or Jojoba oil are ideal. The Oleu Life Belly Oil and Belly Butter are happy to include all of these ingredients and above; make sure to check them out. 

Remember, if your bump leaves you with a couple stretch marks, embrace them! Drink lots of water, exercise and eat well to compliment your skincare routine and help prevent the appearance of stretch marks. 


Itchy Belly Skin

As the skin of the belly stretches, it’s likely that it will also itch. The best way to get rid of an itch is to hydrate and moisten the skin as much as possible, something that oils and certain essential oils will do.

The Oleu Life Belly Oil is an excellent example of a good, fast-absorbing belly oil that provides the skin with deep moisture nutrients for elasticity, while soothing the senses (and itchiness) with the calming properties and delicate aromas of Jasmine and Lavender essential oils.

The Yoga Shanti Massage Oil and Treat Yourself Massage Oil are also packed with skin rejuvenating and calming ingredients such as coconut oil and jojoba oil to lock-in moisture and pamper the skin.



Dryness, of course, is the large umbrella under which itchiness and stretch marks usually fall under. During pregnancy, it’s quite unpredictable where serious dryness will be the most prominent, but the belly area tends to be quite popular.

A good natural skincare during pregnancy is always first directed towards hydrating the skin to maintain it as elastic as possible and help the natural production of collagen in the skin to keep it hydrated and glowing; beating dryness is a good indicator of moisturised skin.

We recommend keeping a good bottle of body butter or body oil with you throughout the day to apply it when you need it. During pregnancy, you may find yourself feeling like moisturising more regularly than usual - listen to your body and at least do it twice a day!

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The bright side of these issues is that they can be tackled all at once using the same products. To narrow it down for you, here are some of the some of Oleu Life’s pregnancy safe natural skin care products we recommend the most for your journey:



Do you have any more tips for keeping glowing and elastic skin during these life-changing 9 months? Let us know in the comments below!

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