Mindful Gifts for Christmas 2020: Australian Essential Oils

Mindful Gifts for Christmas 2020: Australian Essential Oils

For this year’s Christmas, we decided to frame our gift packs surrounding some of the biggest lessons 2020 has taught us. In the past year, our worlds have been turned upside down; we’ve faced a number of unimaginable challenges that have required us to change the way we see, think about, and live in the world. 

While this has undoubtedly brought many difficult times, we believe that experiencing this extraordinary period in history may be of value to us. Spending time away from others, having the feeling of our freedom being restricted, and witnessing the changes in our behavior and emotions from this has been a difficult, yet powerful way to gain perspective on life. 

For us, this has meant prioritizing time for reflection and mindfulness practice to reevaluate several important things about the way we want to live our lives. We’ve thought about the fears that keep us from moving forward, the way we manage negative thoughts, the importance of investing in projects that contribute in our personal development, ...and much more. Therefore, to celebrate the end of the year, we thought about designing mindful gifts for Christmas. With the promotion of honest, natural, wellbeing at its core, their intention is to show genuine love for your loved ones’ state of mind, and to motivate them to create mindful moments of self-care.

With love and wishing you all a lovely Christmas season! 


Essential Oils Cozy Home Christmas Gift Pack

This is one of our most complete mindful gifts for Christmas. Including a modern Ceramic & Wood Diffuser and a special collection of Christmas essential oils (Peppermint, Blood Orange & Clove), fill your home with that Christmas spirit we look forward to every year. Using the bundle during Christmas is a must, but the part we love the most about this pack is how you can keep enjoying - and exploring more about - the benefits of aromatherapy for years. Diffusing essential oils is one of the most popular and easy ways to experience the effect of essential oils in your daily life and for the whole family; we couldn’t be more excited for you to try it!


Uplifting Citrus Duo Gift Pack

This gift pack is all about visualising uplifted and revived feelings for the new year. Featuring one of our favourite Australian essential oils, Organic Lemon Myrtle is an incredible essential oil with immune system boosting properties, great mood enhancing abilities, and a wonderful way of grounding the mind, body and spirit. The Mental Clarity Natural Perfume allows the mind to stay fresh and calm in moments of stress, or when needing a little moment of peace at any moment of the day. One of our favourite simple, mindful Christmas gifts for mums, friends, or anyone else in your mind.


Sweet Dreams Gift Pack

For this mindful Christmas gift pack, we’ve paired up with Australian brand Yogitown to create a unique bundle eager to set you off for a goodnight’s sleep. The aim of this pack is to emphasise the importance of rest, and showing your loved ones appreciation for their wellbeing. The Sweet Dreams Gift Pack includes a pure Lavender essential oil, an aromatherapy Bedtime Body Mist and a Yogitown Lavender Eye Pillow; the additions to a bedtime routine to welcome vivid dreams, and hearten a quiet mind, a perfect gift for mums.


Essential Oil Starter Kit Gift Pack

Gifting peace of mind, serenity, positivity and groundedness is what Christmas spirit is all about. The Essential Oil Starter Kit is the genuine embodiment of a mindful gift for Christmas. This gift pack was created thoughtfully for people who are interested in exploring the world of aromatherapy, but who just needed that little extra push. Inside the gift pack, you’ll find a collection of the top four must-have essential oils to have in your kit: Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Lemon Myrtle and Peppermint.  


Boosting Energy & Protection Gift Pack

Good health is simply one of the best things we can wish on our loved ones. Including a refreshing bottle of the Organic Lemon Myrtle Hand Sanitiser and the Wake Me Up! Body Oil, you can be sure the receiver of this mindful Christmas gift will feel your love for them. They’ll be able to stay safe and protected while running errands, and nourishing your skin to replenish its  glow and self-care moments. 



Treat for 2

Because we’re lucky to be celebrating this time of year under the sun, we can proudly say that the Treat for 2 Gift Pack is one of our favourite mindfulness gifts in Australia. Embrace the vibrant summer energy with the aromatic Organic Sweet Orange essential oil inside our beautiful handmade ceramic oil burner, and soothe the soul with a relaxing massage using the Treat Yourself Massage Oil - a wonderful blend of relaxing Patchouli and Sweet Orange essential oils inside Camelia and Rosehip oil for nourished skin, and warm moments of affection. A great gift for partners or anyone, really.


Kris Kringle Gift Pack

A small, simple mindful Christmas gift pack made with Kris Kringle celebrations, end  of year teacher’s gifts, colleagues or friends in mind. Packs include three practical micro roll-ons of single notes of essential oils to help achieve groundedness, balance and a peaceful state of mind during travels, but also during the everyday hustle. Choose between two (or simply go for both!) Kris Kringle Gift Packs: Active Traveller and Jetlagger.


  • Active Traveller: Breathe (Eucalyptus) - Clarity (Grapefruit) - Snooze (Frankincense).
  • Jetlagger: Awake (Peppermint) - Boost (Sweet Orange) - Sleep (Lavender).

From the OLEU LIFE team, we wish you an incredible end of the year full of joy, inner strength and love. 


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