Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

It’s been way too long since we ‘would go to work’. For many of us, going to work has meant that we’re simply going from our bed, to our own lounge or dining room. 

But for the past few months, things have seemed to change quite a lot - and we’re slowly finding ourselves actually going to work now. While this is exciting news, it’s no doubt that it can all become quite overwhelming and stressful. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look into how aromatherapy and breathing exercises for anxiety can help calm our nerves and set us off on our way. 


1. Long-lasting exhalation. 

Before you take a deep breath, try exhaling anything you have in your lungs first. 

After pushing all the air out, simply let your lungs do their own inhalation work - no need to focus too much on inhaling yourself.

Then, as you exhale again, try to take a few extra seconds. For example, if you inhale for three seconds, exhale for five. 

Lavender Spike or Lavender is always an excellent essential oil to complement breathing exercises for anxiety with. Simply place up to three drops into your palms, rub them together, and cup them in front of your face as you inhale. 


2. Focused Breathing

When sitting in a comfortable position, inhale and exhale as normal, but do a mental scan of your body.

Start at your toes and move upwards, trying to focus on every feeling of tension, relaxation or expansion.

Stop the scan at your belly and take a few minutes to notice how it rises and falls.

Imagining movement through natural elements as you exhale like ocean waves, leaves dancing in the wind or tall mountains will help you carry any upsetting or unsettling thoughts you may have outwards. 

TIP: This kind of breathing exercise for anxiety is especially helpful when wanting to clear the mind, and create mental space for the present moment. The OLEU LIFE Natural Perfume Mental Clarity can help enhance your breathing practice from the therapeutic benefits of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon Myrtle essential oils. 


3. Coherent Breathing

Close your eyes, and breathe in for 6 seconds making sure that your lungs aren’t completely filled with air. 

Exhale without forcing an air out, just letting it flow out of your body calmly and gently.

Continue for as long as you need. For this exercise, continuing for up to 10 minutes is recommended to elevate your mental state and heart into a calmer position. You can also implement this exercise into a short meditation. By subscribing to our newsletter here, get access to short guided meditation using Sweet Orange.  

The OLEU LIFE Calming Mist  helps you rebalance and achieve a calm state of mind. It contains a blend of fresh, and vibrant essentials that let you take on the rest of the day with high vibrations and a positive attitude. 

As you enter this new phase of your life, we wish you the most positive energy and best of luck. We hope these exercises give you a sense of grounding, and encourage you to keep going strong.

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