Australian local's Christmas Gift Guide

Australian local's Christmas Gift Guide

The time to find gifts for your loved ones is right around the corner!

Many of us tend to panic about what gifts to give our boyfriends or girlfriends, what to get our mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, colleagues...the list simply goes on.

What can you get someone who has everything? Or someone who doesn’t share their interests enough? What makes an original and meaningful gift for christmas?

Don’t worry, all these questions are answered in this post. This is the ultimate christmas gift guide if you’re looking to gift something that mirrors eco friendly values and promotes a self-care and wellbeing ethic.. It exclusively includes the best items of australian local brands for the most unique, and original gift ideas. Supporting local businesses can be a great help in developing your community’s well-being as well as the economy. It even has a positive effect on the environment as it reduces your carbon footprint!

Ethical Vegan Clothing - Yogitown

Yogitown is an excellent option if you’re looking thoughtful gifts for your yoga friends. Their products are printed locally with the intention of spreading uplifting messages. Their ethically made clothes are 100% vegan, which make the perfect gift for animal lovers.

You can find pretty much anything on Yogitown - from T-shirts, to carrier bags, to wall hangers and cushions. Great for any occasion!

Handmade jewelry from recycled sterling silver - Jika

Looking for a thoughtful Christmas gift for your girlfriend or mother? Jika has everything you have been looking for in a Christmas gift.

Each piece of jewellery is lovingly handmade from recycled materials, through a sustainable and eco friendly process. Jika blends artisanal craftsmanship & contemporary design - combining flawlessly into simple and timeless pieces of jewellery.

This is one of the best examples of what small meaningful gifts you can give this Christmas

Essential Oils, Mists and Body Oils - Oleu Life

For the perfect Christmas self-care & wellbeing gift, you can be absolutely sure that the products from OLEU LIFE have your back. Their Christmas Pack deals are just what you need to surprise your friends, family and even colleagues with a nurturing experience of mindfulness and wellness.

They offer a boutique selection of aromatherapy products such as essential oils, body oils, natural perfumes, rebalancing mists and travel packs that are catered for all tastes and preferences of those who receive them. If you’re wanting to wrap a personalised, small and meaningful gift for friends or family, these essential oils products will help remind them why self-care is important and it brings them closer to a more natural lifestyle and moments of wellbeing.

Oleu Life essential oils for balance and wellbeing

Eco-friendly pop jewelry - Maraca 

If you are lucky enough to know someone that simply sparks wit, colorfulness and joy, Maraca might be among the greatest gift options for the eccentric friend.

Maraca is committed to producing incredible pieces of unique jewellery made sustainably from recycled, donated, and rescued materials. In other words, they take it upon themselves to give existing objects a second (and beautiful) life!

This is a great secret santa gift idea - you can be sure that whoever receives it will not only be pleasantly surprised by the piece itself but by the story that it carries. Maraca’s creators are inspired by positive change, and the historical events that unravel before our eyes. By owning something from them, you can say you’re participating in being an active agent of change!

Eco-friendly pop jewellery - Maraca

Vegan shoes - Hammerhead Threads

This holiday gift guide would not have been complete without including Australian local brand Hammerhead Threads.

Based in Sydney, Hammerhead Threads is an amazing sustainable fashion brand that focuses on ethically produced high quality shoes. Although they don't make the shoes, they've sourced a range artisanal and unique shoes to put the style back in Vegan. They have all sorts of styles, colors and sizes - they’re a great Christmas gift idea for boyfriends, girlfriends, grandparents, parents or pretty much anyone. Not only will they know you care about their feet, but about their values and outlook on the world!

Of course, Hammerhead Threads don’t limit themselves to shoes - they also have a range of clothing and backpacks with creative and uplifting messages.

Vegan shoes - Hammerhead Threads

Natural Skincare - Herbs and Heart

Herbs and Heart is an Australian local brand that offers a wonderful collection of natural skincare products designed on the premise values like simplicity, mindfulness and responsibility.

For this Christmas, Herbs and Heart has come up with a carefully designed and formulated four different Christmas Gift Sets for anyone wanting to enjoy times of glowing ski. They also offer a range of products for the body or face. Value sets are also available, an equally good option for small meaningful gifts this Christmas to ensure a high performance on your skin, restore hydration, a youthful glow and suppleness.

Natural Skincare - Herbs and HeartActivewear - Choose Your Animal

For many people, their 2020 new year’s resolutions are to help the planet in a wide of different aspects - help the conservation of animals is one of them. Activewear from Choose Your Animals is an incredible option for a Christmas gift for yoga lovers in Australia. Needless to say, you can be sure that it is a gift that animal lovers will also enjoy. 

The fabric used to make their activewear comes from recycled plastic that previously sat in a landfill or polluted the oceans. Better yet, their garments are named after an endangered animal and for every purchase, 10% of the profits are directed at a charity that specifically targets the conservation of that species.

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for a friend this Christmas, Choose Your Animal is definitely the right way to look.

Activewear - Choose Your Animal

Accessories - Kitty Came Home

Kitty Came Home is a great place to find handmade gift ideas for christmas. With the help of a sewing machine, owners Katrina and Farley make handy clutches and purses, wallets and bags with the most beautiful colorful fabrics.

These items make the perfect small gifts for friends or for a good colleague at work! There are countless different designs that you can be sure will fit that certain someone’s personality. In case you’re feeling like treating yourself, any of the products by Kitty Came Home also make great gifts for yourself this Christmas.

Accessories - Kitty Came Home

Original Jewellery - Postcards From Aloysius

If you could describe the person you are getting this Christmas gift as nostalgic, unique, and in for an original piece of jewellery, Postcards From Aloysius offers a wide range of beautifully crafted pieces.

Each earring, necklace or ring carries a story with it; since it incorporated within it a piece of a stamp. This is a delightful example of a meaningful small gift you can give - it’s also a much acclaimed secret santa gift idea!

Original Jewellery - Postcards From Aloysius

Fine Art - Eggpicnic

Anyone moving into a new place during Christmas time? Here is a great housewarming gift idea for a couple. Eggpicnic is equipped with an incredibly talented team who is dedicated to promote wildlife conservation through the production of fine print arts.

You might recognize their work throughout Sydney and Bondi Beach - but these same designs can make an incredible thoughtful gift for friends this Christmas. Being one of the most creative Australian local brands, their art focuses on Australian endangered and loved wildlife.

They will be able to liven up anyone’s home while attaching a classy and trendy touch of Australian charm.

Fine Art - Eggpicnic

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